NobiliumCast partial frameworks

Moskey has been fabricating cast partials for over 50 years. We offer Vitallium and Nobilium alloys for the best in strength and flexibility. We now use the Intellifit Digital Restoration System that provides an integrated solution to scan, design, and fabricate partial dental frameworks. As a result we can now produce a more delicate, better fitting framework in a less time.

Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partials are fabricated utilizing a nylon-base or thermoplastic material with an injection press. These partials are remarkably esthetic as metal clasps may be completely eliminated and the thin, tissue shaded or clear base blends naturally with the patient's gingiva. Since the entire partial denture may be tissue shaded or clear and metal free, it is virtually undetectable by others.


  • Partials
  • Unilateral partials
  • Hybrid partial dentures
  • Tooth replacement during implant healing


  • Esthetics
  • Comfort
  • Monomer free
  • Metal free

We now offer Duraflex (tissue shaded) and VisiClear (clear), state of the art thermoplastics used to make flexible partials and clasps for hybrid partials. These materials are monomer free, strong, flexible, and stain resistant. Unlike the nylon materials (Valplast, TCS, FRS) thermoplastics will bond to themselves, which means they can be repaired. They can be used on hybrid chrome-cobalt partial or acrylic partials, or added to an existing partial.



A Visiclear (pictured) or Duraflex unilateral is often a better alternative than an acrylic flipper for temporary tooth replacement, or Essix appliance for implant healing as it has better retention than a flipper and does not interfere with the bite.





For tooth-borne partial designs, a hybrid partial denture is indicated. We will cast the major and minor connectors and rests in chrome-cobalt and process all esthetic areas in the flexible material of your choice.

We strongly advise the use of standard or premium denture teeth when using flexible materials, as economy teeth may not withstand the injection processing.


Flexible dentures

Depending on case design or tissue shade required, we offer a variety of high quality nylon based materials such as Valplast, Flex-Star, and TCS. We can process these materials to chrome-cobalt frames to create hybrid partial dentures, or to add to existing partials. These materials may be repaired by adding disimilar materials using mechanical retention, usually with less than effective results.



Acrylic transitional partial

A transitional partial denture is made to serve as a temporary prosthesis to which teeth will be added as natural teeth are lost. It will ultimately be replaced after post-extraction tissue changes have occurred.


  • Treatment option when there are few or mobile remaining natural teeth


  • Ability to establish desired vertical dimension
  • Easy to quickly add teeth
  • Lower cost

The vertical dimension of the appliance can be established at a desired height. The remaining teeth can be equilibrated to establish a balanced bite. Primarily made of all acrylic, it is easy to quickly add more teeth to the appliance to maintain patient acceptance.

Acrylic Flipper

Our definition is a removable partial denture consisting of one or two prosthetic teeth in an all-acrylic base without clasps. It is used to restore anterior esthetics and maintain tooth position. A flipper can be used when standard to complex case planning requires diagnostic and prosthetic approval between the doctor and patient.

Acrylic FlipperIndications:

  • Bridge between a temporary situation and a long term dental prosthesis


  • Fast
  • Low cost


Gripper Flipper

Using tooth shaded acetal resin, the Gripper Flipper replaces missing teeth or creates an esthetic improvement by slipping over abutment teeth for retention. Although not a long term restoration, the Gripper Flipper gives your patient a temporary solution to esthetic issues, and an idea of how their teeth could look with more traditional restorations.

  • Improved esthetics
  • Low cost
  • Removable for hygiene
  • Better than an esthetic wax-up to convince your patient to get "permanent" restorations

Partial repairs & tune-ups

Working with Moskey, you can confidently offer your patients the option of tuning up their partial denture. Broken or ill-fitting clasps can be replaced with appropriately designed cast clasps that have been laser welded to the major connector. Laser welding normally allows us to leave the saddle areas untouched so there is no readjusting the bite on insertion.

We are capable of adding/repairing cast retention, clasps, major and minor connectors so that your patient will get extended life from their partial. Repairing with cast pieces ensures a stronger and more esthetic repair as opposed to using wrought wire clasps and loops.


  • Broken, ill-fitting or improperly designed partial dentures


  • Proper fit
  • Strength
  • Cost

Specialty appliances

  • TMJ
  • Bruxism
  • Orthopedic
  • Orthodontic

Sports mouthguards