Implants & Attachments

For optimized patient-specific solutions, we are pleased to offer Atlantis Abutments. Available for all major implant systems, Atlantis Abutments offer the freedom of unlimited possiblilities in providing restorative results of the highest level of function and esthetics for each individual patient. We find that these custom milled abutments provide a better result, often at a lower cost than traditional custom abutments.

The Atlantis family of abutments include: Titanium, gold shaded titanium, and zirconia (available in four shades).

What we need:

  • implant level impression
  • opposing impression or cast
  • bite registration
  • choice of abutment material (titanium, gold shaded titanium, or zirconia)
  • choice of restorative material
  • shade

What you get:

  • an abutment designed from the final tooth shape to replicate an ideally prepared tooth
  • a restoration with the proper support for excellent esthetics and long term success
  • a warranty that covers you even if the implant supplier does not honor their warranty due to the use of an Atlantis Abutment, (subject to the full terms and conditions of the Atlantis Warranty).


Moskey offers comprehensive treatment planning for all implant and attachment cases. We are experienced with all major implant and attachment systems and can assist in the selection of the correct parts to assure a successful result.

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