Moskey & AvaDent® – Providing You Prosthetic Options Never Before Possible

AvaDent® Signature Teeth

It’s the beginning of a new era.

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions has always provided us the ability to choose moulds from different tooth manufacturers. But now that we are able to choose a completely milled monolithic denture with Signature Teeth™, we are no longer limited to existing pre-manufactured tooth lines and moulds.Sig 1

This brings new opportunities and possibilities in both function and esthetics. There is no need to grind teeth anymore, or add unwanted diastemas to achieve a perfect setup. We merely adjust the tooth design to get the perfect esthetic setup every time.

Our esthetic design options are endless!

We can design teeth all together, in groups, in pairs, or shape each tooth individually to create the perfect natural smile for your patient. Experience complete design freedom from  this fully milled prosthesis.

Sig 2





Moskey Snap-Pin Bar Overdenture

The best of two techniques in one click.

Fixed dentures on implants are often used to provide the patient comfort and self-assurance, but they are hard to clean and maintain. The Snap-Pin overdenture however is a lot easier for the patient to clean and maintain and delivers the dental professional and patient the best of a fixed solution with the benefits of an overdenture. SnapPin:

• The comfort of fixed
• Stress-free, passive fit
• Easy to remove and clean for better hygiene



AvaDent® allows you to create any type of supra structure to go with the prosthesis. It doesn’t matter if it’s a removable denture on a Dolder bar or a fixed monolithic hybrid.

With AvaDent, the denture design now precedes the bar design allowing the bar to be perfectly designed to fit the esthetic and functional needs of the patient.

By using our patented Digital Positioning TechnologyTM (DPT) to place the bar in the denture, everything fits perfectly and you don’t have to make any concessions on your Custom Bar 2denture design. After the design approval, you will receive the removable overdenture including fixed clips, fixed-detachable denture or hybrid including the bar structure, in one shipment. This allows the you to place everything in one visit with high accuracy.

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