Bellatek® Encode® implant restorations by Moskey Dental Lab

Why the BellaTek® Encode® Impression System?

  • Eliminates the need for implant level impressions, streamlining the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and the laboratory. 
  •  No need to remove the healing abutment, preserving tissue, avoiding site contamination, and resulting in esthetic outcomes. 
  • The BellaTek healing abutment is coded (Encode, get it?), so any impression method (analog or digital) captures the information we need to complete the case. No need for impression copings!
  • Allows us to create custom esthetic BellaTek Patient Specific abutments in titanium or gold-colored titanium nitride.
  • Restorative dentists rave about the results, and patients have a better experience and a beautiful esthetic outcome.
  • For clinical procedures click here:  

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